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Located in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, Northern Roots Coffeehouse is a charming and inviting establishment that has earned high praise from its customers for its exceptional service and quality beverages. Situated at 300 S Elm St, this cozy coffee shop has become a beloved gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. The contact number for inquiries and orders is +1 336-808-5847.

The coffee shop’s operating hours cater to early birds and those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up. Open from 8AM to 6PM on Sundays and 7AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday, with extended hours until 6PM on Saturdays, Northern Roots Coffeehouse provides ample opportunity for patrons to savor their favorite drinks and snacks.

Stepping inside, customers are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The interior is adorned with tasteful decor, creating a comfortable and relaxed ambiance for guests to enjoy. Whether seeking a quiet place to work or catching up with friends, Northern Roots Coffeehouse offers a cozy setting for all.

The menu boasts an array of carefully crafted coffee beverages, ranging from classic lattes and cappuccinos to flavorful seasonal specials. In addition to its coffee selection, the shop also offers a variety of teas, smoothies, and light bites, catering to different tastes and preferences.

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, it is clear that Northern Roots Coffeehouse has left a lasting impression on its patrons. Customers have praised the friendly staff, prompt service, and consistently excellent drinks. The dedication to providing an exceptional coffee experience has undoubtedly contributed to the cafe’s glowing reputation.

For those seeking a delightful coffee experience in Greensboro, Northern Roots Coffeehouse stands out as a top choice. Its central location, inviting atmosphere, and commitment to quality make it a must-visit destination for any coffee enthusiast in the area.

REAL OPINIONS On Northern Roots Coffeehouse! (1)
CALL: +1 336-808-5847

Address: 300 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401

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Northern Roots Coffeehouse Reviews and Opinions

I visited Northern Roots Coffeehouse and it exceeded my expectations. The vibe and space were fantastic, with varied and cozy seating options. The staff was super friendly, which enhanced my experience. The latte flight was a pleasant surprise, and I particularly enjoyed the rosemary brown sugar flavor. The mocha dreams muffin was perfect and moist. I am definitely planning to revisit this charming place often.

The iced crème brûlée latte and mocha dreams muffin were divine! The ambiance is cute and chill, creating great vibes. The location in downtown Greensboro is really neat, and the open space with varied seating options adds to the charm. The espresso was great, and they offer lovely seasonal drinks. Shoutout to Glenn for being so friendly and nice.

The service was awesome, and I appreciated the polite greeting and attentive staff. The fresh muffins and selection of teas, coffees, and lattes were impressive. The bright and airy atmosphere, with crisp white walls and classic black trim, made my visit very enjoyable. I have been back multiple times, and each experience has been consistently excellent. I highly recommend giving Northern Roots Coffeehouse a try.

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I found the regular soy latte to be delicious and smooth, with correctly pulled espresso shots. I appreciated the attention to quality. However, the pastry and food selection left something to be desired. The muffins and pastries were not up to par, reminding me of gas station pastries with the wrappers taken off.

One thing to note is that they have one oddly massive restroom. Despite this, the overall experience at Northern Roots Coffeehouse was delightful, and I approve of their delicious coffee and friendly service.

Northern Roots Coffeehouse offers a beautiful atmosphere, great-tasting espresso, and friendly staff. The varied seating options and lovely seasonal drinks add to the appeal. While the pastry selection may need some improvement, the overall experience is top-notch. I would happily recommend this coffeehouse to others seeking a delightful café experience in downtown Greensboro.

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REAL OPINIONS On Northern Roots Coffeehouse! (2024)
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